Harassment solution

Discourage inappropriate behavior before it happens!

To help you meet this obligation, our application Woofer allows each employee to alert and report any inappropriate situations: moral harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, compliance, ...

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How it works?

Via the Woofer platform, each employee can report an alert, anonymously, to your defined harassment referents.

Anti-harassment reporting process
Application signalement entreprise contre le harcelement

The harassment referents are informed in real time of the nature of the alert.

The whistleblower (anonymity preserved) and the harassment referent can engage in a dialogue on Woofer if needed to: get more details, qualify or not the harassment situation, ask for a lifting of the anonymity of the whistleblower.

Preventive actions

In order to raise awareness and prevent inappropriate behavior, content is available in our library.

Anti-harassment reporting application for companies

A safer organization

The implementation of our anti-harassment solution in your organization demonstrates to your employees, customers, partners, that you do not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

For your future employees, you assure them of a work environment that takes care of its teams.

You deter inappropriate behavior before it occurs by deploying our solution.

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Qualification of sexual harassment, moral harassment

Sexual harassment is characterized by the fact of imposing on a person, in a repeated manner, comments or behaviors with a sexual or sexist connotation, which: undermine his/her dignity because of their degrading or humiliating nature. or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation against him/her.

Here are the 3 conditions that characterize moral harassment: repeated, causing a degradation of the working conditions, causing damage to the employee (harm to his rights and dignity, to his professional future, or to his physical and moral health).

With Woofer, you reduce your social, legal and financial risks.